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Author Clare and Micah Hayns
Publisher BRF £12.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800390720

I can thoroughly recommend this lovely book. It tells the stories of 40 women in the Old Testament, highlighting the choices that they made in often very limiting circumstances. Each of the women is beautifully illustrated by the author’s son. Micah Hayns studied art in Florence but brings a contemporary feel to his drawings which sensitively reflect the characters of these women, several of whom I had never noticed in the Bible before – Jochebed and Rizpah being two. Clare Hayns is Chaplain at Christ Church College, Oxford. She is a great storyteller and she adds a reflection after each story, and prayers, which come from a great variety of sources. These make this a book a fine way of enlivening your Bible study and of getting to know the Old Testament better, either alone or in a group. It deals quite thoughtfully with the problems some of these old stories raise for us and suggests some ways of understanding them. This book would make a lovely gift.


Old Testament Analysis


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