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Watch + Pray: Wisdom and Hope for Lent and Life

Author Carlton Turner
Publisher CHP £2.50
Format pbk
ISBN 9781781404454
Pack of 10: £22; Pack of 50 £95










Watch + Pray: A Lent Journey for Children

Author Anon
Publisher CHP £1.50
Format pbk
ISBN 9781781404485
Pack of 10 £12.50










These two pocket-sized books of reflections for Lent represent a core component of the Church of England’s resources for Lent 2024. The contributions are closely aligned to the themes within Tarry Awhile by Selina Stone, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s chosen text for the season, which features wisdom from Black spirituality for people of faith.

The booklet by Carlton Turner uses a familiar formula: a Bible passage with short reflection; time for personal reflection (‘Watch’) and suggestions for prayer. There is a special emphasis on waiting expectantly for God to meet us and sustain us.

Writing a daily task or prayer for children during Lent seems to me a formidable and unenviable task, and I am not quite convinced that all the suggested activities and actions will find favour with young people. Nonetheless, I hope and pray that this booklet will succeed. Not surprisingly, it seems to be written for parents to guide and encourage rather than as a self-starter for children. The accompanying videos for children seem to be a more fruitful way of engaging young minds (see website below).

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Reviewed by Elizabeth Stephenson



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