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When They Crucified my Lord

Author Brother Ramon
Publisher BRF £14.99
Format hbk
ISBN 9781800390898

This is an inviting text with a good balance of simplicity and depth. It is a republication of a classic Lenten devotional by an Anglican Franciscan friar and draws on his experiences, often of getting alongside others at their point of need. It is not outdated; lived examples are accessible and relevant to our everyday discipleship.

The focus is Holy Week and the crucifixion, but the reflections are much broader. The first days from Ash Wednesday bring context and challenge looking at the different players and groups engaged in some of the events of Holy Week. The next four weeks use the perspectives of John, Peter, Judas and Mary in turn, attending to passages of scripture in which they are involved from throughout the gospels. In Lent 5 there is a specific focus on the acts of faith shown by different people around the cross. At the culmination, through Holy Week, the author looks at the seven words of Jesus from the cross.

Each daily devotion leads with a passage of scripture which is followed by a personal narrative connecting us to emotions and insights related to the events chosen. The narrative is reflective and questioning, challenging us to ask where we are in our openness to God, serving him and receiving from him. Each day’s reading closes with a prayer and reflection.

There are several ways to use this book. The author recommends setting aside up to an hour each day for the devotion and to take time letting the words of scripture speak to us. I support this and believe that the book will aid rich listening and meditation. However it will also work for those with less time available. It is an easy read and nudges, challenges and provides insights, even with a lighter approach. The book also includes some tips for use as a group.



Lent and Holy Week


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