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Women of Holy Week

Author Paula Gooder
Publisher CHP £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781781402894

This little Lenten treasure is a joy to read and handle, with beautiful illustrations of the nine stories of these women by Ally Barrett. The author leads us through Lent with a collection of the women’s stories – women whose names are lesser known from the bible and whose lives have not been explored in detail – until now! Each woman’s story is given to us in simple everyday language using the Bible’s information but written in an imaginative, modern way. And each story is imaginatively illustrated with particular insight and understanding; the collection then forming a triptych. Every story has a section of notes and resources, giving us appropriate Bible references, additional information entitled ‘it might help you to know…’, and questions for us to ponder during our Lenten study. For instance the three Marys’ lives are explored and if you have ever wondered about the popularity of this name, then the answer may be found within.

This book, as well as accompanying us through Holy Week, would be ideal for a group to study together and reflect on the questions posed by the author. Readers will finish this book knowing more detail about the lives of these nine women as well as feeling enriched spiritually. So who are they? Under the heading of Palm Sunday we read about Miriam, Sarah, Anna and Susannah. Then for Maundy Thursday we learn about Joanna; for Good Friday we hear about Salome; for Easter Eve we understand more about Mary Magdalene. Then on Easter Day we meet Mary, wife of Clopas (John 19.25); and finally on Ascension Day we meet dear Mary, mother of Jesus. Enjoy and give respect to these women…you will not regret treating yourself or a dear one to this book!

Reviewed by SUE PIPER

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