2017 Summer


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It is both a pleasure and a privilege to be editing this issue of The Reader – I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. I have learned a good deal about Pioneer Ministry in the process.

We begin with a helpful explanation, by David Male, of the term ‘Pioneer Ministry’. The articles by Paul Blakey and Lee Barnes show effective ministering in surprising places, meeting people where they are. Henry Jerwood describes the outreach by an established church family within a new community. In contrast, Tracey-Jane Anderson describes ministering to a community from within, in a way that appears both radical and self-giving. All these models challenge us. So too does Andy Lie’s account of serving as an Ecumenical Accompanier in Palestine and Israel – living alongside peoples who are hurting and in conflict with each other.

Ideally every issue of The Reader should carry at least one article each on scripture, on pastoral work and on worship. I am delighted that Dr Andrew Mein has tackled the difficult issue of ‘cursing psalms’ and how we are to respond to them today. Katherine Bloomer tackles another difficult topic – death and how to talk about it – with the help of the Church of England resource ‘GraveTalk’. And Chris Barnes takes a timely look at the importance of preparing ourselves for worship – something we can often rush or forget, especially if we are dashing between churches on a Sunday.

Reader ministry is multi-faceted and evolving. Two other articles (the one by Nick Spencer of Theos on the report Doing Good, and Rosemary Walters’ first in her series of explorations of the Renewal & Reform report) address some of the changes.

Finally, as this magazine will be reaching you during the joyful Easter season, it carries an extract from Rowan Williams’ latest book God With Us exploring the meaning of the resurrection.

An increasing proportion of the articles in this magazine are now written by Readers and this is a trend I would like to see continue. We are lay theologians, we are pastoral ministers, we are people who bridge the gaps between clergy and congregations, between established churches and people ‘out there’. We are also a dispersed community with a great fund of knowledge, wisdom and experience between us. This magazine provides a forum in which to share our insights and learn from each other. While the next two issues will carry articles on the themes of Reformation and Spirituality, I hope they will also carry articles on Reader ministry, on scripture, on pastoral work and on worship. But whether that hope is realised is largely down to you. Please do send your articles, or ideas for articles, to me at editor@cofereadermag.co.uk.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Message from Bishop Martyn - THE RT REVD MARTYN SNOW

Farewell to Heather Fenton - MARION GRAY

A few things you may, or may not, know about Alan Wakely - GERTRUD SOLLARS



What is Pioneer Ministry? - DAVID MALE

Reader Ministry – Moving Closer to the Edge - TRACEY-JANE ANDERSON

‘Loving the Person in Front of You’ – the Pioneering Work of Street Angels - PAUL BLAKEY

Finding Sanctuary at the Glastonbury Festival - LEE BARNES

Heathcote – A New Parish, Creating a Pioneering Opportunity - HENRY JERWOOD



One Land, Two Peoples, Three Faiths - ANDY LIE

Doing Good – the Future of Christianity - NICK SPENCER

The ‘Cursing Psalms’ in Wartime: Lessons from 1917 - ANDREW MEIN

Preparing to Worship - CHRIS BARNES



Talking about Death - KATHERINE BLOOMER

Need To Know More

God With Us – The Meaning of the Resurrection - ROWAN WILLIAMS

Book Reviews


CRC News

A Narrative of Hope: Lay Ministry and Renewal & Reform - ROSEMARY WALTERS

Introducing Andrew Walker

Letters from Readers

In Memoriam

Geoff Mihell 1936-2016


Postscript - MARION GRAY


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