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Of all the books in the Bible, some of the most poetic and the most mysterious are those grouped together as Wisdom literature. Apart from the Psalms (which we have omitted from this issue as they are such a huge subject in themselves), Wisdom literature is not often read in our churches. But these books deserve to be more widely known and enjoyed – and I hope our excellent contributors will inspire you.

Katharine Dell urges us to ‘get preaching’ on Proverbs; Philip Seddon looks at the deeper meanings of the Song of Songs; Adrian Roberts demonstrates how Job can speak to us from one place of suffering to another; and Andrew Carr explores two Wisdom books from the Apocrypha. Moving forward a few centuries, Diana Barsham explores the influence of biblical Wisdom literature on the teachings of Jesus – and Dominic White describes an approach to fostering Wisdom today. Digital subscribers will also be able to access a complementary web-based article by Margaret Barker on the figure of Lady Wisdom. It has been a huge pleasure for me to read these articles as they have come in, and I have learned a great deal. I hope you will find the same.

Elsewhere in the magazine you will find a challenging article on racial justice by Catherine Okoronkwo, an exploration of how we might continue to use digital resources after Covid by Keith White, an article on pastoral ministry by Philip Goggin and one on All Age worship by John Parker. Hazel Whitehead shares with us the story behind her compilation of reflections put together over the past year. And our popular book feature includes an extract from The Parables by Reader and theologian Paula Gooder.

The Winter 2021 issue will look at Lay Ministry – where it is now and how it is developing. In early 2022 we will explore how we might grow our potential through lifelong learning. The second issue, out early in the Easter season, will look at Acts and (non-Pauline) Epistles. Then there will be issues focusing on Chaplaincy and how to be a truly welcoming Church.

Finally, may I draw your attention to the item by Imogen Clout and Andrew Walker on page 34? We hope this will reassure those who have expressed concern about the decision not to appoint a bishop as the new Chair of the CRC.

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Facing change and ‘back to normal’ – IMOGEN CLOUT



How to preach on the Book of Proverbs – KATHARINE DELL

The Song of Songs: a Jewish text (to begin with) – PHILIP SEDDON

Out of the Whirlwind: Suffering and the Book of Job – ADRIAN ROBERTS

‘Knowledge speaks, but Wisdom listens …’ – ANDREW CARR

The Wisdom tradition in the teaching of Jesus – DIANA BARSHAM

Wisdom circles – a place of hospitality – DOMINIC WHITE



Co-creating Kingdom communities – CATHERINE OKORONKWO

Digital worship after Covid-19 – KEITH WHITE

Ministering where there is hurt – PHILIP GOGGIN

All age worship – JOHN PARKER

God in lockdown – HAZEL WHITEHEAD



Meet the author of The Parables – PAULA GOODER

Book extract from The Parables – PAULA GOODER

Book reviews



News and Notices

Tribute to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh



In Memoriam

Letters from Readers

Postscript – Alan Mitchell


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