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We are all made by our great Creator God, so using our own God-given creativity to praise God is fundamental to our worship. This issue of Transforming Ministry celebrates that, and looks at how the variety of different forms of creativity can be used. We hear from Erica Bebb and Tom Harper about how creative activities in church and community can be organised and nourished, from Imogen Clout who has discovered putting pencil or brush to paper can be a way into prayer, and from Jonathan Robinson about the role of music and listening. Jesus himself was a great storyteller, and Catherine Hammond shares her experience of using storytelling to communicate important truths. Finally, in this section, April McIntyre looks at ways of creating a prayerful environment, either for individuals or for congregations. Our roles as lay ministers are important to us. Carrie Myers and Adrian Greenwood encourage awareness of two recent reports, A Vision for Lay Ministry and Kingdom Calling, while Gillian Newton shares her longstanding delight in her lay calling.

More sombre notes are sounded by Jackie Brookfield’s article on ‘Acedia’ and Jonathan Clatworthy’s on the dilemmas surrounding the issue of assisted dying. These are followed by a helpful article from Loss and HOPE on ministering to those suffering bereavement. The final two articles, on ‘St Paul and his illness’, by Richard Appleton, and ‘The new curate’ by Timothy Lee, both refer directly to the Acts of the Apostles, linking us clearly with the early Church.

After such a difficult year, the extract on resilience from Justine Allain Chapman’s contribution to Bearing Witness in Hope: Christian Engagement in Challenging Times will be helpful for many.
The other two issues planned for this year will focus on Wisdom literature, and on lay ministry, where we are now and how we see the future for lay engagement and Sunday to Saturday faith. I look forward to plenty of lively discussion and debate.

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CRC: What does the future hold? – IMOGEN CLOUT



A heavenly dome over the arts – ERICA BEBB and TOM HARPER

Art as a way into prayer – IMOGEN CLOUT

Were you listening? – JONATHAN ROBINSON

Here’s a story – CATHERINE HAMMOND

Creating a space for prayer – APRIL McINTYRE



A Vision for Lay Ministries – CARRIE MYERS

Kingdom Calling – an important resource – ADRIAN GREENWOOD

The joys of lay ministry – GILLIAN NEWTON

Acedia – ‘The sickness that destroyeth in the noonday’ – JACKIE BROOKFIELD

Christian dilemmas on assisted dying – JONATHAN CLATWORTHY

Healing a grieving nation – LOSS AND HOPE

St Paul and his ‘illness’ – RICHARD APPLETON

The new curate – TIMOTHY LEE



Book extract: ‘Developing resilience’ from Bearing Witness in Hope


Book reviews




In Memoriam

Obituary: Jean Rowe

Letters from Readers

Postscript – Andrew walker


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