Parenting Teens for a Life of Faith

Parenting Teens
for a Life of Faith

Author Rachel Turner
Publisher BRF £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800391635

There could scarcely be a more important topic for today’s world. This book is written not just for Christian parents with teenage or approaching-teenage children, but for others involved in support of parenthood, too – grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and youth leaders. As a grandparent of teens, a life of faith for them is very important to me, so I read this book expectantly. The book suggests an excellent framework for parenting, but it is not a guidebook for navigating issues. It addresses listening, availability, empathy, friendship, church involvement and is strong on prayer; but it doesn’t address bullying, social media, drugs, sexual identity or behaviour. There are lots of stories of parenting – both good and bad – and these kept me engaged, though some of the imagined conversations felt a bit contrived. There’s a lot to get right, and Rachel Turner covers a lot of ground.

Twenty-first century teenagers need good parenting and good support. This book will encourage those who seek to provide it. I recommend it.

Reviewed by HOWARD ROWE

Christian family life


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