To Nativity and Beyond

To Nativity and Beyond

Author David Sinclair
Publisher Canterbury Press £16.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780861538461  2016

Sinclair, a Church of Scotland minister, has given us a book of ‘Worship Resources for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany’, packed with fully-worked services, reflections, prayers and stories: enough to make the weary leader or preacher leap for joy during this busy time of year. There is an interesting range of ideas for services that are ‘a bit different’, a few clearly ‘all age’, such as the dressing of the Christmas tree. Others include The Service of Angels, Silent Night (a quiet, meditative service), a pre-Christmas service for the bereaved and lots of ideas for Christmas Eve. One possible downside is that the book does not follow traditional lectionary reading patterns and can seem a little confused, particularly the Advent material. The book also seems rather word-heavy. Readers leading worship and preaching may find some of the prayers, reflections and stories too long to use as they are.


Advent/Christmas, Liturgy


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