Bible in Ten

Bible in Ten

Author David Kitchen
Publisher BRF £12.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800391512

I have many Biblical commentaries but nothing to compare with this! Kitchen has done a unique job in bringing the Bible to life in a fresh way, engaging our attention through his fun-filled approach. It is easy to read yet packed with good news in a nutshell, each book ending with a summary written in a challenging way. It will appeal to young and old, whether knowledgeable or engaging with the Bible for the first time. The author has made the whole Bible accessible, alive and full of insight as we weave through 66 snapshots – each book in turn, all given the importance they deserve. I recommend this wonderful book to congregations generally, but more specifically to young families who attend ‘Fresh Expressions’ of church. Many may have come recently into the Christian family and the Bible can be a daunting volume to take on board. Bible in Ten will change that by giving a beautiful glimpse into scripture and providing the desire to dig deeper. This book is an exciting innovation! Be sure to order your copy!

Reviewed by BETTY TAYLOR

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