Time to Act

Time to Act

Author Jeremy Williams
Publisher SPCK £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281084463

This ‘Resource Book by the Christians in Extinction Rebellion’ (mostly members of Christian Climate Action) is an edited collection of 39 short chapters containing essays, manifestos, reflections, sermons, prayers, poems and resources intended to encourage action in response to the global climate emergency. Its three sections focus respectively on ‘Head’ issues, among which the theology of non-violent direct action is a major preoccupation; ‘Heart’ experiences, including the testimonies of activists (Samantha Lindo’s account of her first court appearance is powerfully moving); and ‘Hands’ resources for those persuaded to take action, such as a climate emergency declaration template. The book is enriched by its inclusiveness, with contributions from lay and ordained Christians, and representatives of different faiths, genders, ages and cultures. For example, a pastor of Cherokee descent explores ‘how indigenous perspectives offer hope to a besieged planet’. A stimulus for worship, teaching, discussion or action suitable for any individual or group will be found somewhere in its varied chapters. While it contains limited evaluation of the impact of the actions proposed and taken, read as a whole, this book is an inspiringly provocative account of the struggles that follow from facing the climate emergency with unblinking honesty.


Climate Change


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