Love The World

Love The World

Author David Adam​
Publisher SPCK  £7.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281077762​

This is not a lengthy book, but it covers an immense amount of ground, from the beginning of our universe to the present day. The great mystery of creation is common to both science and religion but what is attractive in this book is that it uses straightforward language to point to the ways in which the one can learn from the other. It is packed with stimulating thoughts and information. ​ There are six main sections which deal with the Beginning, the Atmosphere, Water, Earth, Humankind and a Conclusion. Within each is a number of short commentaries, a poem, a personal exercise of a mental or physical nature, and a prayer. ​ However, in spite of the wonders of scientific discovery, the activities of humankind, if continued, could result in the demise of all living things. It is only by love of our world and love of each other which can save the human race from extinction. ​ This book should have great appeal for readers, clergy and everyone.


Creation, Ecology


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