Radical Grace

Radical Grace

Author S.T. Kimbrough
Publisher Lutterworth  £16
Format pbk
ISBN 9780718894870

It’s a dramatic title! – but gives little away about the matter therein! Here is an insightful gathering across all the writings of Charles Wesley’s views on justice for the poor and marginalised of the world. Using Wesley’s journals, sermons and poetry (including hymnody), Kimbrough assembles a rich commentary on the centrality of the themes of inclusion, justice, and grace for the poor, and applies them to the circumstances of the twenty-first century where such issues still blight God’s world – and thus still have a strong message to speak to the church of today. Very readable, scripturally connected, and carefully structured, there is much here to earth our preaching preparation into the radical grace that the gospel calls for in our faith and action to the world. Helpfully included is an extensive bibliography, worship resources, and musical settings for singing that make this both a thoughtful compendium of Wesley’s reflection and concern, and a practical resource for worship today.


Methodism, History


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