Author Ernest Clark
Publisher BRF £6.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800398215

This small book is part of the Really Useful Guides series published by BRF. It is not an introduction to Paul’s Letter to the Romans, nor is it a commentary – it is a guide. The author is Classics Consultant in the Department of New Testament at a theological college in India. It
is written in a very accessible format, and starts by placing the letter in its original context. The main part of the book gives a comprehensive guide to the contents of Paul’s letter as well as examining its relationship to other New Testament writings. The final section explores the continuing message of Romans. This guide would be a useful aid to sermon preparation, and the list of thirty questions for reflection and discussion ensures that it would also be appropriate for use in a Bible study group. At the time of writing this review, the range of titles available in this Really Useful Guides series seems rather limited, but, on the basis of this example, further additions to the series are to be anticipated and welcomed.


New Testament Analysis (Romans)


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