Comfortable Words

Comfortable Words

Author Steven Croft
Publisher BRF £7.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800391055

With direct regard for our locked-down world and our emergence from it, this book, based on Isaiah 40-55, is right up-to-date. Croft has written nine compelling reflections on some of Isaiah’s warmest and most yearning prophetic messages. Beginning with ‘Comfort, comfort my people’, Croft follows the prophet through the words written some 2,500 years ago as God’s message to a subdued and exiled people whose identity had been stripped away, but whom God was calling to return and rebuild. The people then needed strength renewed, fears faced, hearts refreshed, and vision expanded. Croft brings light to these prophecies as they applied to the people of the exile, and, because the prophecies point to Jesus, to us – people of the Covid lockdown. The author’s style is inspirational and heart-warming. As I read it, I felt a sense of identity with Isaiah’s original readers, and that I wanted to respond for today. It is a fine read for any disciple, and will be a valuable resource to anyone preaching from these chapters of Isaiah. Recommended.


Old Testament analysis (Isaiah)


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