Sabbath Rest

Sabbath Rest

Mark Scarlata
Publisher SCM £12.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780334058069

The Beauty of God’s Rhythm for a Digital World

‘Stop the world: I want to get off.’ Over busy? Know others under strain? This book is here to help. It’s an accessible exploration of the importance of the Sabbath within the Jewish prophetic writings and the life of the early church. Sabbath is not merely about individual peace but about the movement of society from captivity to freedom, mourning to joy, death to life and is linked to the Covenant’s demand for social justice. Interwoven through this is the call for rhythms of work and rest; grace and trust in our lives now; the holiness of time. Interestingly, liturgical time is linked to God’s eternal present. (Could we have more rest within our busy church services?) There are encouragements to go for walks, to connect with the land, to regularly quit IT. stuff, to acquire less in order to meet others, eat together, speak face to face. This is relevant to people and communities who want more space, more quiet times, and more connection in their hectic lives. Questions at the end of chapters mean the book is suitable for group discussion.

Sabbath, Lifestyle


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