In Awesome Wonder

In Awesome Wonder

Author Daniel Ruy Pereira & Luiz Cardoso
Publisher Sacristy £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781789591484

Lucky youngsters and their teachers to have this book to ponder, devised for a Stockport schools project to bridge science and faith! Written by a science teacher and a pastor-theologian, it provides a fine answer to a great need. Initially I doubted whether it would convince me, or a young person, that science and faith are compatible, and need each other. Soon I was caught up, living in the unfolding interest of the story/content, grateful and astonished. It is a book to re-read. I enjoyed especially the chapter about evolution and suffering; the one on our place in the Universe, and another on Genesis and creationism. All dispel many misconceptions. The chapter on climate change shows conclusively how we have to be good gardeners of God’s creation. The black and white illustrations, though helpful, are not always clear enough. The introduction is important: science and faith are connected by mystery, and both face the unknown and search for truth. A book of our times for adults and young. Its title comes from the hymn ‘O Lord my God’.


Science and Religion


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