A Manifesto for Hope

A Manifesto for Hope

Author Steve Chalke
Publisher SPCK £12.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281087792

Steve Chalke, Baptist minister and founder of the Oasis Trust, has set out a vision for the future of young people in hard circumstances. He uses ten chapters to illustrate ten principles, although all are interconnected. The first is fundamental: ‘an ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory’. Chalke’s solutions are grounded in what works in communities and schools, not ideas dreamed up in Whitehall offices. Individuals have stories and it is their visions, hopes and beliefs that matter and drive social improvements. Ultimately, of course, the impetus comes from Christian faith and the social gospel – for this book can trace its underlying philosophy back to William Temple’s vision, which fed into the post-war Beveridge report. But for the 2020s, this now means practical partnerships, community leadership, the dedication of volunteers and – ultimately – Christian love. Simply written, this book will inspire ministry teams in hard-pressed communities; but more importantly it should be read by MPs, civil servants, council leaders and all who are concerned about our fractured society and the future of young people.


Social gospel


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